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Custom Watch Strap


We can customise watch straps on request by applying a specific pattern, flag or name. We have previously designed straps with the flags of Canada, UAE, India, United States of America, Jamaica, Somalia, Zambia, Uganda, and many others.

Please note this requires approximately a 2 week turnaround time and is only for specific watch models.

When checking out, please comment on the notes section with how you would like the watch strap customised.

If you are requesting a name, we recommend keeping it to no more than 4 letters for it to be legible on the watch strap and for the background colour to contrast the colour used for the name e.g. black background with white lettering.

Feel free to contact us for more information.

All straps are made using genuine Kenyan leather and beaded by hand.

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The Beaded Kind presents to you handcrafted watch bands from the vast plains of Amboseli.

In this semi-arid terrain, with free-ranging elephants, bold and futuristic colours are carefully selected and beaded to symbolize the edge and flare of the modern man and woman.

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